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      Welcome To ETE Technology Limited.
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      PCBA test and process automation solutions

      Single Test Station

      Single-station PCBA automatic in-line test


      Compact layout and small floor space

      Little changes to original production line

      Quick layout

      Low upgrade cost


      To carry out the simple inline test upgrade of the existing manual and semi-automatic PCBA test production line, just replace the original test cabinet.

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      ABOUT US

      ETE TECHNOLOGY LIMTED,  is committed to providing intelligent solutions for the electronic processing enterprises and achieving automatic production and IT-based data. Over the years, ETE focuses on PCBA testing and process automation solutions. It has accumulated a wealth of experience. With advanced concepts and technology, it provides the following services for clients: Full-automatic PCBA in-line testing platforms: seamless connections are achieved with existing production lines via track. Based on existing ICT and functional testing equipment, it can form a complete automated...

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